Awards and Honours
Barbados honours Grenada-born engineer Tony Gibbs
Sasakawa Laureate 2007
Caribbean Icon (NIHERST) 2010
Honorary Member of the Trinidad & Tobago Institute of Architects 2012
Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering 2012
Interviewed by Dave Martins about Ivan in Cayman and Grenada 2004

Global Platform Interview (text)
UN-ISDR October 2007
The most expensive hospital is the one that fails
On building safer hospitals and private-public partnership, at the 2007 Global Platform
Sasakawa Inteviews
An Assessment of Turn-key Contracts for the Realisation of Capital Works Projects
Wind and Seismic Hazards in the Caribbean
Impact of Recent Atlantic Hurricanes on the Caribbean Region
An Overview of Hurricanes in the Caribbean in 2004
Code Developments for Wind-Resistant Design of Buildings
Design Wind Speed Maps for the Caribbean
Smart Healthcare Facilities
Sustainable design and Construction of New Hospitals
PAHO CD on Disaster Mitigation in Health Facilities: Wind Effects by Daniel Comarazamy and Tony Gibbs
ICSU-LAC Scientific Planning Group
Hurricane Hugo in Montserrat
Sasakawa Award 2007. Achievements and Recommendations
CEP Barbados
Grenada after Hurricane Ivan Second Interim Report on the Damage ...
Seminar on the Design of Health Facilities to Resist Natural Hazards
Post-Georges Disaster Mitigation in Antigua & Barbuda and St ...
St. Kitts - Nevis Vulnerability Assessment
NHC Topic Committees
Radix - Knowing versus Doing, continued
Tony Gibbs
Grenada after Hurricane Ivan Second Interim Report on the Damage ...
VAT II Workshop Agenda
International Course on Development and Disasters
IStructE (Caribbean Division)
Tony Gibbs and Anthony Farrell of Consulting Engineers Partnership
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